Celtics – Lakers The NBA’s Biggest Rivalry (NBA Finals Preview)

The two most winningest franchises’ have owned the NBA’s spotlight for years winning more than half of the championships awarded since the league was started in 1946. Since then 63 champions have been awarded. The rivalry dates back all the way to 1959 when the Lakers and Celtics met up in the NBA Finals for the first time. The Boston Celtics swept the Minneapolis Lakers that year 4 games to none.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been outnumbered in championships won facing Boston in the NBA Finals. This was the first of eleven times that the Lakers and Celtics met up in the NBA Finals and LA has won only 2 titles in this heated rivalry against the Celtics.

The Celtics persevered during the Regular Season with a healthy Kevin Garnett. Finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 50-32 the Celtics struggles continued throughout the season but not into the playoffs. After finishing Miami off in 5, Cleveland in 6 and Orlando likely in 4 games the Celtics have their path paved to the NBA Finals. In 08’ the Celtics defeated the top seeded Lakers in the West in 6 games leaving Lakers fans puzzled all around the world.

Phil Jackson could be at the end of his career coaching the Lakers and he may just want one more ring to add to his collection. With the addition of Ron Artest he could be the key to keeping Paul Pierce in check through the Finals. Andrew Bynum’s health continues to be a problem for Los Angeles and all of this will play a factor in the upcoming NBA Finals.

Looking back into time from Magic Johnson to Larry Bird, to Bill Russell to James Worthy, to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Paul Pierce, the NBA and its fans love this rivalry which has never disappointed and hopefully never will. This rivalry keeps on keeping on. But will it this year? Will the Celtics and Lakers meet up in the NBA Finals for the twelfth time in the History of the NBA? Both teams will have something to say in the long awaited renewal to this fantastic rivalry, but who will come out on top, regretting nothing and sending the other team home in harmony?


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