The MVP talks are heating up and it’s about to be a close race to the finish. The Most Valuable Player award is given to the most talented player that performs at a high level the entire year. The list includes only candidates who have been at the top of their game all year long. Not only playing at their highest potential but also helping their team as the playoffs draw closer.

The given are Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, so why not start with the big two?

Los Angeles Lakers #24

Kobe Bryant is playing at a high level but not the best we have seen if his career. He’s reached the peak of his career, I know you have heard it numerous time and the Lakers have not played consistent basketball compared to last season. Kobe missed 5 games due to several injures which hurt his campaign. He’s not out of the race yet, and the Lakers are still within striking distance for the best record in the NBA to close out the season. Kobe can compete and continue to dominate scoring the basketball but he isn’t the Kobe we are accustomed to seeing this late in the season.

Cleveland Cavaliers #23

Lebron James fills every blank on the stat sheet. He’s scoring 30 points per game, along with 7 rebounds, and 8 assists. Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the best team in the NBA and the Cavaliers have won both games against the Lakers this season.

Oklahoma City Thunder #35

The Oklahoma City Thunder are the biggest surprise because of Kevin Durant. He left the University of Texas early and now with the Oklahoma City Thunder he has changed this franchise completely. Kevin Durant will be going to the playoffs and if he does not walk away with hardware this year he will in the future. The Thunder and Kevin Durant have plenty of time to build confidence and push it to another level. Who can remember the last game he went home with under 20 points? It’s been awhile. Durant wants to win an NBA championship just like Kobe and Lebron. It’s only a matter of time before his dream comes true. Surely being the MVP over Lebron and Kobe would boost his confident moving forward. Durant is the go to guy in Oklahoma City after him the Thunder have young players to help out somehow I don’t see the talent around him being enough to move Oklahoma City far enough forward. Kevin Durant has played like an MVP candidate and it’s only a question of the talent around him. MVP’s of the league today are outright unstoppable and the most talented player on the team.  Durant brings that type of play to Oklahoma City and extra help from Russell Westbrook, James harden, etc. would put #35 at the top of the list.

Dallas Mavericks #41

Don’t count Dirk Nowitzki out. The Dallas Mavericks are closing in on the second seed in the Western Conference. Since Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood joined the Mavericks this team has really improved and so has Dirk. Dirk is shooting over 50% from the floor and is averaging 23 points per game, 8 rebounds per game and 3 assists. Maybe not quite MVP type numbers, but look at the Dallas Mavericks now with Dirk Nowitzki compared to early in the season and last season. It’s a big difference because the success in Dallas started with Dirk Nowitzki and with new additions everything improved even more.

Denver Nuggets #1

Chauncey Billups’ sharp shooting is maintaining the Nuggets playoff spot as one of the top 3 teams in the Western Conference. Billups scored a career high 39 points against the Lakers this season and is averaging 24.3 points per game and 7 assists per game. Billups is last in line for MVP but he wouldn’t mind to be mentioned on the list for the first time.

As of now the top candidates are:

1) Lebron James

2) Kobe Bryant

3) Dirk Nowitzki

4) Kevin Durant

Other Mentions: Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash


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