Cleveland’s Off Season Success


Cleveland has had the best off season by far, and is easily a favorite to win it all. Trying to make Lebron happy is hard work and Danny Ferry worked very long hours to get Lebron in the best situation possible. All-Star Shaquille O’Neal, the biggest addition this off season, can be the difference maker that Lebron James always needed on his team. The Cleveland Cavaliers have improved in so many areas this off season. One of the biggest weaknesses last year was Cleveland’s, front court, and Lebron’s support. Now they have both of those problems resolved.  Lebron couldn’t ask for more with another all star on his team, and obviously the deepest team in the NBA. The three biggest acquisitions Cleveland made this offseason are: Shaquille O’Neal, Leon Powe, and Anthony Parker.  After the offseason any Cavaliers fans should be happy and do not need to cross their fingers, because now the Cavaliers have a team that can matchup up with anyone in the NBA. The management worked hard to get to this position to make Lebron’s dream come true. Lebron James should be proud of the work that was done to be able to play at the highest level possible, and contend in the NBA.


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