Washington Back in Business?


Gilbert Arenas is back, along with Antawn Jamison, and Fabricio Oberto recently signed with the Wizards to help in the front court. Potentially, if Arenas stays healthy will Washington have enough to make it to the playoffs, and maybe even beyond? So Many fans say yes, while other say the Wizards will struggle later on without more talent and depth. Washington does have a bunch of younger players to come off the bench, and Nick Young is one of the biggest new comers to Washington and might be a key off the bench in 09.

It is very unlikely that Washington can go further into the playoffs than the first round, because of matchup problems in the East, with Boston, Cleveland and Orlando. Gilbert Arenas can carry the Wizards to the playoffs, but they no longer needed to be. After the Playoffs it will be impossible for the Wizards to make it beyond unless Arenas continues to produce and others step up. If Washington can win each night by scoring a decent amount, they do have a chance to do some damage, only if Gilbert Arenas is the go to guy but not the only player scoring 15-20 per night.


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