The 2009-10 NBA Season: Top Matchups

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The 64th NBA season starts on October 27th. Here are a few games that NBA fans all over the world will be waiting for well in advance:

Lakers and Celtics: The rivalry lives on and no matter where the game is played, you won’t be disappointed. Both teams make successful acquisitions to potentially make their team better. You couldn’t ask the NBA to make the schedule look any better. Lakers vs. Celtics is the biggest matchup of the year with two dominantly formed teams, with several superstars hungry for more.

Celtics Key to Victory: Kevin Garnett, back from injury will he make a statement to continue the success in Boston?

Lakers Key to Victory: Lamar Odom, a key piece off the bench. Can Lamar stay consistent on the offensive end?

Celtics and Cavaliers: Two very defensively sound teams, both stress the importance of defense, this is one of the most competitive defensive battles in the NBA.

Cavaliers Key to Victory: Shaquille O’Neal: Shaq traded to help Cleveland dominate in the East, but is Shaq still a dominate presence and will he really fit in to help Lebron James? Cleveland will need to step up their defense on Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo to stay alive in this matchup.

Celtics: Rasheed Wallace needs to score off the bench for the Celtics to stay with Lebron, and Shaq scoring the ball. Rasheed will fit into Boston’s style on the defensive end and could be a great defender on any threatening shooter. Boston knows Defense wins championships; look out for Boston to step it up this year on that end of the floor.

Orlando and Cleveland: Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard will be an interesting battle because both will pick up useless fouls. Both Dwight and Shaq need to watch out because they could be one of the first to foul out before the game is over. Shaq vs. Dwight is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Both players are very physical and it will be most interesting to see who can make the biggest difference on either end, by blocking, scoring or just helping their team get stops. One of these two will win the game for their team. It will come down to which player can get the job done. Without Shaq or Dwight this matchup would not be as fun to watch. Also watch out for: Vince Carter, Marquis Daniels, Mo Williams, and Rashard Lewis.

Orlando’s Key to Victory: Dwight Howard

Cleveland’s Key to Victory: Shaquille O’Neal

Dallas and San Antonio: Even though San Antonio is on the verge of losing its reputations of staying on top of the west, this matchup is still competitive and usually goes down to the end. Shawn Marion is the difference maker in Dallas, while Richard Jefferson in San Antonio is the key to staying alive against an extremely talented Dallas team, which continues year after year to step up the defense one more level. San Antonio’s Tony Parker should be able to run the offense smoothly if Tim Duncan plays an average amount of minutes.

Dallas’ Key to Victory: Shawn Marion can be that next key guy in Dallas if he can learn the offense and not take bad shots. Shawn Marion, and Dirk Nowitzki are the top defensive players on Dallas and will lead the way for a stop. Shawn Marion is so talented on defense because of his ability to block shots frequently and Dirk Nowitzki is a still improving straight up defender.

San Antonio’s Key to Victory: Richard Jefferson just made the Spurs a better scoring team, but also maybe a new start to a different looking team. Richard Jefferson has to step up in San Antonio or the Spurs are done.

Lakers and Clippers: Is this the year for the Clippers? A lot of Clippers fans have been hoping to say that for awhile. Blake Griffin has enough talent to help the Clippers go to the Playoffs. Especially with Baron Davis, if the offense is spread evenly, this is a team with hope on a mission. Kobe and the Lakers are in for a surprise, anything is possible in LA.

Los Angeles Clippers Key to Victory: Blake Griffin must keep up the outstanding progress and continue to improve each night.

Los Angeles Lakers Key to Victory: Never count out Derek Fisher, he is still in LA and is a big part of winning. Derek needs to shot a few more shots per game, but not as many three’s or that could impact the winner of the game.


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