The Run For A Title Is Gone


Are the San Antonio Spurs really a contender? Well after being a top team in the west for who knows how many years, the Spurs run for another title is over. Their players are way too old, and injury prone.

Tim Duncan is locked up for another couple of year and is 33 years old. Manu Ginobili is also an older player, but still could help San Antonio if he can stay away from injury problems. Duncan’s future after San Antonio is dim because of his age and the money he will demand. Duncan’s sidekick Tony Parker, still young, could end up the face of the franchise when Duncan is done for his career.

The Western Conference has gone downhill, so San Antonio will still make it to the playoffs, but no guarantees after that.  Although the Spurs did sign Richard Jefferson, the Spurs have plenty of playoffs potential, but nothing further. The only way I see San Antonio making it to the Western Conference finals is if they are the second seed behind LA and match up against someone like Utah or Denver, both of which have gone downhill this off season. I do not see San Antonio going to the Finals anytime soon now that Dallas is back in the mix. The San Antonio Spurs have a great future to built on with Roger Mason Jr. Tony Parker, and Richard Jefferson but once Duncan leaves, all that you can hope for is a miracle, until the Spurs rebuild their franchise with a dominate superstar in control.


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