The Dallas Mavericks Keys To Victory


The off season for the Dallas Mavericks has been a good one, but good enough? Dallas is still looking for a starting Shooting Guard, maybe Michael Redd would be a good fit. Signing with the Mavericks by the end of the off season hasn’t been rules out yet. The Mavericks have signed three decent players two of which will likely be starters, in Tim Thomas, and of course Shawn Marion. Their bench is very deep with Drew Gooden, Jose Juan Barea, Jason Terry, and others. This is a very good Mavericks team with plenty of scorers, rebounders, and passers. The only problem is will this bunch be enough to match up against some of the top teams in the West?

The thing that will be most interesting to see is if Dallas can play enough defense to get by. Almost all of these players are not known for defense,  so this could be a huge problem, if they want to make it at least further than last season. This team has a very good chance of making it to the postseason and beyond, but only if they stick to a few guidelines:

1. Don’t panic on the offensive end. Get Dirk the ball in key situations, but let him take a decent shot. If it’s not there, pass off.

2. Turn on the lock down defense at in crucial point in the game, especially the 4th quarter.

3. Stay within a reasonable boundary to take a shot. Don’t force three’s up or hover around the three point arc.

With these 3 keys, the Mavericks should be able to win games.



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2 responses to “The Dallas Mavericks Keys To Victory

  1. Dirk has to want to the ball, I get so angry when I see Dirk pass to Jose, Erick Dampier or some other player that isn’t as offensively gifted as he is. I am also concerned that Josh Howard and Shawn Marion play the same position

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